Product Services

We offer a variety of products that are of daily utility and consumer durables, and we understand what it means when our customers shell out loftier price, thus Sasta Bazaar ensures every customer that they will get value for every penny they spend with us. Further we give a comprehensive post sale warranty for all our consumer durables with options of on-site service assistance, to give best buying experience to all our patrons.

Exclusive Promotion Services

Sasta Bazaar has created an integrated sales and buying platform that enables every B2B client to use our IT services and E-Commerce platform as market place to sell their products. Also we provide ample opportunities of great bargains to our end-user by the way of giving SMART offers.

These SMART offers are “Special Product Promotion” which comes a highlight of the Week, wherein all our SASTA BAZAAR APP users get periodic/weekly updates of our “Special Product Promotion” on live availability of stock and Special Price.

Customer Service

Sasta Bazaar has created a state-of-art call center for robust & time-bound Customer Service. Any quarry or complaint we support our end-user with our services and ensure timely resolution to all grievances. Our endeavor is not just Customer Service; rather we target ‘Customer Delight’.

Over past decade we have experienced high ratings on Customer Satisfaction Index, and rated high on all on-line reviews from our clienteles. Our focus is to create a loyal customer base not just for repeat purchase but also to make our Special Product Promotions reach to those who stayed with us for longtime as regular shoppers.


Product Specialization – Private Branding Program (PBP)

Many companies choose to have their own brand names and logos on items they import. This we have made possible through our Private Branding Program. If our customers already have their own name and label designed/registered, further we can bargain on customer’s behalf for the right price and quality to match market demands.

Our Marketing and Design Departments supports our customers to enhance their label once they have identified the product or variant most selling in the market they are targeting.

Marketing – Brand Promotion        

We help our brand partners to market their products through our Franchise network, which has a wide spread and reach in various towns and cities across India.

Our associations with Brand like ____________ has been bilaterally beneficial in past decade and we constantly look for those brands, which are great in quality yet, very cost effective. We target a 360-degree promotion plan for all brands that are associated with us and sold through our Franchise stores, with local market presence and online manifestation through our revolutionary Sasta Bazaar App.

Bulk Buying – Innovative Merchandizing

We at Sasta Bazaar focus on being trendy at the same time being cost effective. We target in offerings, which are innovative and proposes great utility to our customer. This happens with our two support teams – one that works towards identifying great bargains on most popular and groundbreaking utilities and second one look for bulk purchase which makes the product viable on cost and supports the supply chain for all our Franchise stores.