Product DevelopmentMarket Study and Research

We at Sasta Bazaar lay emphasis on research and development of variety of electronics and consumer durable products that offer immaculate quality in terms of its specifications, look & feel and warranty. Sasta Bazaar over past years has studied the low cost or bargain priced products very closely and managed to bring some high-end low cost consumer durables and also some unique products under its brand name.

To create a space for ourselves and benefit communities who wish to buy best quality consumer durables but finds it out of budget, we introduced our in-house brand “SIGNATURE PLUS

Signature Plus offers world-class quality and at amazingly affordable prices, and started a business model to reach every city and town by the way of its presence through a retail store SASTA BAZAAR offering wide range of Signature Plus products.

Signature Plus offers a extensive range of merchandises:

Sasta Bazaar being a multi-brand value store outlet will offer a range of other goods as well which are prized to fit every budget like

Competitive Advantage

Consumer durable market is very volatile and consumer-buying patterns changes with every new product launch that makes present range obsolete, which collapse the present price. With our in-house brand range of Signature Plus products we offer most modern technology at very competitive rate and even if Sasta Bazaar introduces new technology still the old product range price do not rumble down.


Custom Seized Goods

Sasta Bazaar works on a very important segment of items which are Custom Siezed Goods which remain uncleared by the importer due to various reasons and such goods which are uncleared/unclaimed goods customer department arrange public auctions which are held in the presence of proper officer of customs and goods are disposed of at the ‘reserve price’ or ‘auctioned price’. We buy these goods and promote its sale through our Franchise Network by which our patrons get finest quality at lowest price.

Range of such Custom Seized Goods we offers is:

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