CRN Initiative


SASTA BAZAAR also supports several N.G.O programs in the field of child education, women welfare and empowerment and girl marriage. Over past 5 years Sasta Bazaar has allocated a special fund for the under privileged. Our founder Mr.Mukesh Karan strongly believes in giving back to the society and help the less fortunate to make this world a better place also for the under privileged.


We at Sasta Bazaar strongly believe that our endeavor is to focus on creating and generating businesses, which further becomes a powerful resource to contribute towards our society. We are respected primarily due to our best business practices and also due to what we give back to our humanity.


Sasta Bazaar supports such events through an NGO, which is “ROSHNI – Ek Samarpan” where in we put our efforts with the use of business to solve social and ecological problems. Sasta Bazaar as a company is involved in an extensive variation of community improvement programs.


“ROSHNI – Ek Samarpan” – Located in Bihar with their operations in Kanti Distt. Muzaffarpur. Their focus area has been Environment Protection, Social Hygiene, Health Education, Women Empowerment and Child Education. These all area of attention is related subjects and can be support by group efforts. ROSHNI means light with Tag Ek Samarpan that stands for selfless dedication. All efforts made in this NGO revolve around this though of “spreading light with selfless dedication”.

Sasta Bazar takes pride for their association with ROSHNI, NGO with a mission and devoted towards social wellbeing.


Sasta Bazaar social activities relate to primary education, skills training and entrepreneurship, livelihoods and women empowerment that strengthen the very foundation of our civilized society. We believe that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a very solicitous mission which creates a positive sense to keep ourselves highly motivated to do great in our business and use our resources towards this noble cause.


Sasta Bazaar is dedicated to assimilating social and ethical values into the core business, thereby enhancing long-term business significance and touching the lives of over 1000 families who need us the most.

The company’s CSR programs aim to be relevant to local and national frameworks, while keeping disadvantaged communities as the focus so that we ourselves can recognize our contribution.


We at Sasta Bazaar have adopted an approach that envisages the company strategies to support communities in partnership with governments, civil society and “ROSHNI – Ek Samarpan” NGO we are working with. Key to this approach is our business/channel partner who generously gives of their time, experience and talent to serve the society and we guide, encourage and facilitate them to do so.


The company handhold the communities and equip them with most powerful tool EDUCATION, which creates a platform that helps them to get familiarized with Information Technology. With such exposure we aim at educating them on very essential subjects like how to achieve improved health, value of maintaining cleanliness, encouraging girl child education and further creating avenues to make them self-reliant and progressive in life.

We at Sasta Bazaar identify the potential people and offer them training at our associated NGO “ROSHNI – Ek Samarpan”, which makes such potential individuals capable enough to get a decent employment that contributes a lot to their overall livelihood.


Working with the vision Sasta Bazaar created environment bliss in that area with the project called “Lets Go Green” which is an initiative towards environmental conservation and to fight against its deterioration by involving the youth and the local communities of that area.

Motive behind this drive “Lets Go Green” is to inculcate a sense of responsibility in every person towards conserving nature in the local community through citizen level initiatives and also to help bring about policy level changes in the administration, to inspire counteractive and deterrent action for a greener environment for a healthier tomorrow.

Participation of Sasta Bazaar has been phenomenal for the cause and we contributed by the way of Environmental education for children by the way of Green Labs, Tree planting in residential areas with community participation and Restoring developing neighborhood parks and green belts which were not taken care by local departments.

Sasta Bazzar has aliened their CSR with the vision of our Honorable Prime Minister Shri.Narendra Modi for his movement called “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” which means  “Clean India Movement” is a campaign by the Government of India to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country’s 4,041 statutory cities and towns. It includes ambassadors and activities such as run, national real-time monitoring or spread of updated NGOs practices.

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially launched this campaign on, 2nd October 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi. It is India’s largest ever Cleanliness Drive with millions of government employees, and especially school and college students from all parts of India, participating in the campaign.

With our support ROSHNI has created a wonderful resource and learning platform, with the support of local communities, who have given targets and responsibility to travel in the area and guide everyone how to accumulate all garbage which will be lifted on daily basis from one location of the village, further how this garbage can be used for making Fertilizer by the help of Compost machine.

Our mission is to make living greener, healthier and cleaner for the generations to come so that they can have some footsteps to follow and contribute towards society.