Director Profile


Directors Profile

Mrs.Nabina Karan


Sasta Bazaar E-Retail Pvt.Ltd.

Mrs.Nabina Karan formally joined on board as Director of the Company in July 2013, and has since then led Sasta Bazaar into becoming one of the leading supplier of a huge verity of products to various retails both into on-line and offline business.

Going by the saying behind every successful Man there is a Woman, which over past 4 years Mrs.Nabina Karan has proved wrong as she has always lead the organization from the front. Under her leadership, the corporation initiated its transformational journey, reaching out to customers across India where she played a very important role of leading IT team of Sasta Bazaar.

Mrs.Nabina Karan completed her Bachelors in Technology from Sikkim Manipal University India and completed her Masters in Technology in 2015 from Manav Bharti University. Her area of expertise supports the overall functionality of business and creates a dynamic platform of IT infrastructures that enable the company to grow multi-facet over past 4 years.

She is instrumental behind Sasta Bazaar rolling out Franchisee Model, which is created by use of on-line business representation. Further with her team of IT experts she is working on Sasta Bazaar App that will be launched soon along with Franchise Business Model called “Creative Selling”.


She spearheaded the business plan with the team of marketing consultants and with focus introducing modern promotion plans for business revenue generation and overall productivity of team. Mrs.Nabina Karan has played a significant role in shaping HR policies & Logistics strategies for the company that has given an edge above other B2B players in domestic market segment. Her IT interventions and improvements will play a vital role in progression path of Sasta Bazaar in years to come.