About Us

Welcome to Sasta Bazaar

Initial Years – Foundation


It was initially just an idea to do a start-up business that supports others to do business, with that crisp thought we began our journey to success. Notion was clear and efforts were focused from the day one when we commenced our business voyage, and certainly it wasn’t easy to do a grand beginning as start-up was with quite less capital or seed investment at the same time essentials to do business were resource and it was humble activation in the year 2007.


Soon after completing post-graduation from Poland that is now called gateway to Europe, our MD Mr. Mukesh Karan headed towards his vision to create a niche market his kind of business and he initiated trading business of a specialty range of products to the companies which were in business of Tele-shopping or TV shopping commercials and that helped to established closer working relationships with new clients and supplier. This helped the start-up business to makes it reach by immediate and reliable service and also continually exceed opportunities and targets.

Primarily focus was on very need based selling, which was driven by demand in the market. With constant increase in demand and business seeing an upward graph demonstrated that path forward will be more challenging and dynamics of business will need to be revolutionized.


With this conceptualization Mr. Mukesh Karan went a step ahead to give his business a rightful and statutory identity in the year 2013 by the name of Sasta Bazaar E-Retail Pvt. Ltd. That was the commencement of a new chapter, which was about to witness some wonderful success stories and record achievement of milestones.

Soon we created an extensive product range that included:

  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Lifestyle Products
  • Garment Utilities
  • Kitchen Equipment’s
  • Health & Fitness Equipment’s
  • Personal Grooming & Styling items
  • Unique Utility Products for home and office

Stepping Stone

Year 2013 was the time when India was witnessing recent booming in E-commerce business, and Sasta Bazaar was emerging with a strong brand image and as one of most reputable general trading company that represents leading manufacturers and suppliers on an international scale.

Being a very resourceful and trustworthy supplier, we have the distinctive capability to execute orders of all sizes. Our constant endeavor is to provide the highest quality of products and services for the most affordable price to our customers.

Morality, reliability, and worthiness are what our company’s reputation is built upon. We put our best effort to be the most proficient and specialized company in the trading industry, while swiftly delivering only the highest quality products and services as we put our customers on the first priority in all times of the product and service delivery chain.

Give More – Value Additions

Sasta Bazaar plays a vital role when it comes to assisting suppliers and retailers to connect on a worldwide basis as we ensure that only the best products make their way from the factory deck all the way to the store shelf of our partnered retailers.

We are able to do this with the help of our professional employee base, whom have an utmost amount of focus on providing our clients and partners with support to realize greater value from our international supply chain. Our network of employees consists of highly educated and experienced employees in innumerable of backgrounds, including of product development, marketing, promotions, logistics, etc.

Professional Business Shape-up

Sasta Bazaar focus is to foster growth and promote enduring commercial ties with its client. Customer receptiveness and assurance is the driving force in the pursuit for excellence of our organization.

As a specialized B2B trading company, we concentrate on offering innovative products and services to all our customer base which supports their business model. By choosing us as preferred trading partner, our clients receive world-class products and solutions for their marketing and distribution services.

We have extensive experience in assisting manufacturers and distributors with achieving their mission of gaining a global presence by the way of constant market feedback which helps the manufacturer to be more innovative and creative in their production line and additionally we help distributors or retails with finding the best products and services for their end customer.